Festival and Parade Management and Production

The planning and execution capabilities of Event Management Group's experienced, talented and dedicated professionals presents a proven team of experts in festival and parade management and production.

Event Management Group (EMG), guided by a common sense approach, coupled with relentless attention to detail, provides a management product that has achieved a great deal of success with regular dependability.

The services EMG provides are extensive and include: financial forecasting and management; development and implementation of local and national sponsorship programs; development and implementation of marketing and public relations programs; booking, management and coordination of multiple continuous performance stages with a main stage featuring nationally recognized entertainers; development and operation of an extensive food and beverage program; management of all operational aspects of the festival, site development, arts and crafts marketplace and souvenir merchandising. The staff of EMG's cumulative ability and experience with unique situations gives their clients an important edge; consistency of performance has always prevailed.

Scope of Services

Event History

A Taste of Colorado/Festival of Mountain and Plain (Denver, CO) 1984 to present
Parade of Lights (Denver, CO) 1997 to present
Bastille Days Festival (Milwaukee, WI) 1998 to present
RiverFest (Waukesha, WI) 1996-2005
Denver International Buskerfest (Denver, CO) 1996-2004
Michigan TasteFest (Detroit MI) 1989-1993
A Taste of Minnesota (Saint Paul, MN) 1983-1995
Cotton Carnival MusicFest (Memphis, TN) 1983-1987
A Taste of Chicago (Chicago, IL) 1980-1984